Glendale Woodturners Guild - Est. 1993
Glendale Woodturners Guild - Est. 1993

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6/24/17  Updated Rick Turns YouTube video channel list of videos.

6/6/17  Main page maintenance

6/6/17 Added current newsletter

6/6/17 Updated Presidents Message (including AAW Policy on Fractal Burning)

4/29/17  Added photos (challeng and show & Tell) for meetings (partial and in-progress)

4/29/17 Main Page Maintenance (next meeting, and event cleanup)

4/29/17  Changed Challenge and Demonstrator button (Bin Pho to charles Farr)

4/29/17  Added Challeng winners page

4/29/17  Added current newsletter

4/29/17  Updated Presidents message

4/2/17  Updated Presidents Message

4/2/17  Updated Meeting dates and events

4/2/17  Added home page link for AAW Symposium

4/2/17  Added current newsletter

1/26/17  Updated President's message.

1/19/17  Added background wallpaper

1/19/17  Updated AAW link with current logo

1/19/17  Added AAW Shop tip - better success with jam-chucking

1/5/17 Added Rick Turns YouTube list of Woodturning Videos on GWG Links page

12/28  Updated newsletter and president's message.

12/22  Added Lidded Box article and link on challenge page from AAW Magazine Summer 2005

12/22  Added 2017 Challeges

12/22  Fixed formating on History page

12/22  Modified Home Page Callenge area with new image for lidded box.

12/22  Deactivated Links for Library and Challenge Archive

12/8    Added "Our History" button and page to home page.

11/28  Added November & December 2016 newsletters to 2016 archive

11/28  Updated newsletter to December 2016 - Vol 25, No. 12

11/28  Removed past events from Demos & Events page.  Corrected date for Mike Hosaluck.

11/28  Updated Presidents Message for November 2016

11/16  Added Spaceport Collaborative Challenge to Gallery (in Colaberative Projects).

11/16  Added Flyers for Trunk show & Affair of the Arts show on demos and events page.

10/28  Added Meeting Photos to News and GWG Page and 10-9-16 photos.

10/28  Updated presidents message on main page.

10/28  Updated Newsletter to November 2016 Vol25-No11 on News and GWG infomation page.

10/21 Added-How to make and Off-Center Pendant-GWG 2016-10-9 to Demos and events page.

10/20  Added new meeting dates to News & GWG Information page.

10/11  Roster Update in members area.

10/10 Board Members and Volunteer Positions on gwg information page.

10/10  2017 Meeting Dates Added to left margin on pages.

10/10  Presidents Message link added to home page.

10/10  Background for Challenge on home page updated.

10/10  AAW Membership drive information on gwg information page.

10/10  Added Link to Stuart Batty on 7 Fundementals on GWG Links page.

10/1   News & GWG Information - October Newsletter.

10/1   Demonstration & Events - Updated Events.

10/1   GWG Links - Added links for Wood Database and Segmented Project Planner.

10/1   Contact Us - Modified page structure.



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