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Glendale Woodturners Guild - Est. 1993


Resources for segmented turning:


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  • Segmented Project Planner - This is an application wirtten by Bill Kandler to do desing and calculations for building segmented projects.  He offers a 30 day trial for the software.
  • Segment Sled - This video describes how to construct an adjustable sled for cutting segments for rings from 6 segments/ring to 48 segments per ring using a SegEasy Wedgie (optional) to accurately set the sled.  This video explains creation of the sled step by step.
  • Wedgies - Designed by Jerry Bennett, these are angle setting templates that are used with the segment sled.  Several different sizes are available for differnt segment counts for layers.  This allows the same sled to be used for differnt segment counts.
Rick Turns You Tube Woodturning Video List - May 2017
Rick Turns publishes a list monthly of woodturning videos on his YouTube Channel at . The list is ordered by the average number of views per day. A playlist is setup also with all of the new videos.
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