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Volume 28, Number 2 – February 2019
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President’s Message

Hey Glendale Woodturners,

I can't believe how quickly the season has passed us by, it's already spring! It's time for hay fever, outdoor planting, and homeowner projects! Which means we will have a very busy summer with many people traveling and fewer at meetings? Whatever it is you do this summer I hope you have a great time. I know I will be away quite a bit and when I am not, I will be working on my house which has a hole in the roof, a new walkway to build, and a new electrical panel to install. My qualifications to do this work are very minimal so much of it will be farmed out, but I will be doing some construction.

However, I digress, what I really want to talk about is what a great group we have and how I love seeing so many faces at our meetings and so many new people. We have an April demo with Bill Haskell and in June we have a demo with Hans Weissflog. I hope you will attend and gain much from the experience.

 I know a few of us will be attending the symposium in North Carolina. I'm excited to be one of those people and I'm going to take my 13 year old daughter with me. She is excited to learn from someone other than me. I have to say that the only way I am able to take this trip is that I applied for an EOG Grant from the AAW. It is called an Educational Opportunity Grant. These grants and others are available to AAW members each year- all you need to do is apply. You may not get all of what you want or may not get it this time but, their grants are many faceted and may help you to accomplish some of your goals be at educational, artistic or practical. I urge you to check into it through the AAW website if you think that might be up your alley.

The Glendale woodturners Guild has also opened up an Educational Opportunity Grant to support its members. If you are interested please email me at and we will get you an application. After all this is what our AAW dues pay for along with all the incredible content on the AAW website and the GWG has been raising funds that we hope to return to the members in the form of professional demonstrations and other educational opportunities. Please remember that May's meeting will be on May 5th and I look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy your spring!








(Excerpt) AAW policy initiative on fractal burning (also known as "Lichtenberg Burning"), which advocates safety and helps to protect lives.



The AAW has always been a faithful advocate for woodturning safety.  Recently, the subject of fractal burning has been in the news because of another tragic death.  The AAW Safety Committee has studied the issue and concluded there may be a distinct influencing benefit in adopting a policy against the use of Fractal Burning and publicizing it immediately to chapters and members.  As a result, it was recommended that the AAW Board adopt a new policy against the practice, which was unanimously approved on May 17, 2017.  The new policy is as follows:


It is the policy of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) that the process known as Fractal Burning is prohibited from being used in any AAW-sponsored events, including regional and national symposia, and that AAW-chartered chapters are strongly urged to refrain from demonstrating or featuring the process in chapter events. Further, the process of Fractal Burning shall not be featured in any written or online AAW publication, except for within articles that warn against its use. AAW publications will not accept advertisements for any products or supplies directly related to the process.


Additionally, the Safety Committee recommended that an article be published in the August 2017 issue of American Woodturner to highlight the dangers of the practice and publicize the new AAW policy.


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 Meeting Dates for 2019

06-09-19 (demo)
12-08-19 Holiday Party
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